Our exclusive designs are available in 9ct and 18ct yellow, rose and white gold. 

All gem-set products are available in a wide range of semi-precious stones. 

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Amazonite Ring
Gorgeous Amazonite Ring from Gerrim International, set in 9ct gold. While Amazonite is not an ..
Carnelian Ring
This intriguing ring from Gerrim International features a blood-orange chalcedony—the carnelian—set ..
Garnet & Seed Pearl Ring
This simply gorgeous ring design features a garnet surrounded by seed pearls, set in 9ct yellow gold..
Pink Tourmaline & Diamond Ring
Gerrim combines the inticing beauty of Pink Tourmaline with the classic allure of diamonds in this g..
Garnet & Diamond Ring
This ring design from Gerrim presents an elegant array of diamonds and garnets so as to create a gor..
Mabe Pearl Ring
This antique-style Mabe Pearl Ring from Gerrim International is set in 9ct yellow gold.  The p..
Cameo & Diamond Ring
The Cameo & Diamond Ring from Gerrim International features a carved cameo amid six diamonds, al..
Onyx & Diamond Ring
This art deco-style enhancer from Gerrim features a 16 x 14mm onyx, set in 9ct yellow gold. Onyx je..
Onyx & Diamond Ring
This art deco-style design features an oval 12 x 10mm onyx stone, set in 9ct yellow gold, and would ..